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dumb bell

The last couple of weeks has been crazy.  I never realized how much twin babies can utilize your time.  The daily activities that are required to care for my children; the work related courses that I have to take and the weekly commitments that I cannot put aside.  At times, I have found the schedule can be overwhelming.  I used to be a Professional Organizer, what seems a lifetime ago, and I consider myself proficient in the area of time management; however this is on a whole new level.  Though my day is full, the twins are rather easy to care for; the real superheroes are the moms and dads who care for an infant and a toddler at the same time.  Toddlers are like herding cats.

So what is the point of all this discussion?  Well other than wishing for four extra hours in addition to the 24 allowed, it is the dedication of the parents who are trying to obtain their goals that continues to impress and humble me.  Though I am getting the majority of my coach’s workouts in, some days it is tough.  I find myself banging out those last few sets on the rower at 11 pm or dragging my butt out of bed at 5 am so I can get in a quick AMRAP or lift.  But at times it is easy to put the workout off to the next day, which in a sense is sacrificing myself and my goals. So, I have to commend the parent who is trying to get to that objective be it athletics, academics or whatever they have set out.  It is them I pay tribute,  and it is them who are the superstars because I now know that to reach these goals it a juggling act and sometimes a sacrifice.

So to all the people out there juggling their lives in pursuit of achieving their goals my hat goes off to you; you guys are true superstars.

Measurements – the numbers don’t lie


At the beginning of this Paleo Challenge, it was suggested that before and after measurements should be taken.  I understand that it is important as it is a starting point to take a benchmark. However, it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Why?  Because those numbers don’t lie.  A scale can lie, but that little fabric tape can’t.  We can go through the same routine of weighing ourselves naked, before a shower after using the washroom, just to get that 0.1 of a pound difference from the last weigh in.  Or we can do the jumping on jumping off the scale routine and whatever number is smaller we take.  I am sure a few of us have done that one before.  But, the tape, it doesn’t lie.  It is like math.  The number is right or wrong.  Same goes with the tape.  We hunt through the house for our sewing kit that holds the tailor’s tape or we use the tape that came with the diet plan we previously had signed up for so we can find out those numbers.  Regardless of where we get that nasty tape we find ourselves in front of what seems to be the biggest mirror known to man.  We are aligning and making sure that the tape is placed precisely to the diagram’s specs.  We are laying the tape flat, struggling when it keeps falling off our bicep – I like to think because it is so muscular, alright who am I kidding?  We are then pulling and tugging to get those infamous numbers perfect.  Oh, of course, you can pull a little harder to get that smaller number.  But remember, at the end of the day when we do it again those damn numbers are there again showing us how we did on your journey.  I am a firm believer to take the numbers as is, might feel like a sucker punch at the time but we can reap all the glory at the end when we have kicked butt and lost all those trillions of inches.  I do understand the need for measurements, but I won’t lie, I love my scale with my daily routine.  Still, I do see the need to measure.  But as I said in the beginning…..doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Oh, sorry, no before pic either.

Happy measuring………