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Zoomphoto Inc Event Photography

A little about myself; my name is Lee and I am a female master wanna be athlete currently serving in the military. I am married and a mother of identical twin toddler girls. I also have a cool dog (boxer). I am currently 51 years old which is where the master age group part comes in, and finally, I am an avid CrossFitter. You could put me in the junkie category who “drank the kool-aid.” I am totally fine with that. I have a kick ass garage gym that has taken 4+ yrs to build up and when I have the chance, I work out in a CrossFit box (CrossFit Poise). So why a blog? Well, I like writing, but mainly, I wanted to document my personal goal of one day making it to the CrossFit Games. Yes, I have that goal, fleating as it may be with the incredible athletes out there. I also want to write about becoming an older “athlete” with lofty goals and the peaks and valleys that go with those goals.

I have always been athletic. For as long as I can remember I have been involved in some sort of sport. I found out early in life was I was an individual competitor. I guess I only wanted to be accountable to me rather than members of a team. I was also a heavier set gal that always struggled with weight. Still do. I am 5’7 ¾” and have been anywhere from 120 pounds back in my high school days to 210 pounds when I was 38 starting my military carpentry apprenticeship course. I am currently sitting at 193.4 lbs of which I gained back due to my meds and fibromyalgia; I will get to that later. Oh so you know, talking about weight has never been an issue of mine. I don’t hide it and don’t mince words when it becomes that topic. Over the years having the extra weight has worked to my benefit, though I would ideally like to be a 140lb beast with an ass like Stacie Tovar. The extra weight had helped with my strength especially when I was a trade’s woman. I was lucky enough to get my dad’s genes in the strength department.

In my late teens I enjoyed bodybuilding, my mid twenties consisted of being all about the triathlon and competing in any race that I could get my hands onto. In one year (1992 – ugh I just aged myself), I had the goal of doing 52 races in 52 weeks; I did 56. This included competing in the Penticton Ironman twice and completing the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. I wasn’t a stellar competitor, a back of the packer actually, but I enjoyed the atmosphere and the physical fitness aspect of racing. In my early thirties, I was pretty stagnant but the athletic bug bit me again in my late thirties. That was when I found running, military athletics and CrossFit. Now that I am in my forties I am all about the CrossFit, trying to get back into running, becoming a beast and training to make it the games in the 50-55 age group within 5 years – a tall order.

Up until May of 2014, everything was progressing quite nicely in the training department. I had lost 35lbs after gaining a bunch of weight from sitting on my butt in a classroom for a year. I was also training hard. My coach/owner of CrossFit Poise was remarkable as usual and I was on the road to competing in my first CrossFit Open. My results exceeded my expectations as I had done every WOD Rx (prescribed). I had also just achieved my long term goal of becoming a military officer and was ready for my phase training. That my friends was when everything went to hell in a handbasket. I had been battling a nasty piriformis injury that would not go away. During the CrossFit Open the piriformis was at bay but it reared its ugly head during phase training. There is nothing worse than having a constant pain in your ass. I was muscling through this injury and was fairing quite well. However, on our third day of course and the first day of physical training (PT) my body had a different idea. We were doing a PT test and I was content with my results. My 1.5 mi run was slow, but I knew with the time that would improve. I was elated with my push-ups, sit-up, and pull-ups as I rocked those being the oldest person on the course. My CrossFit training had paid off. But…….it was the run back to the barracks after the test that I had slightly tore my Achilles’ tendon. I sucked up the tear and pain for two and half months while on the course. This in turn caused further injury by slightly tearing my other Achilles and severely re-injuring my piriformis. This was due to me compensating and carrying heavier weight than my body was used to. My body was also not recovering as quickly as it had in the past. For the first time, I questioned my age. With 17 days left on the course, I was medically returned to unit (RTU) to recover from my injuries…….all so I could come back the following year and do everything all over again. Ugh!!…… I really didn’t want to go through all of that crap again, hence the reason for suffering the two and half months. However, it was a done deal, I was sent home and from there my journey to recovery began. It is now over a year later. My injuries hadn’t healed in time for me to return to my course but currently I am relatively pain free and my injuries are at bay once again. I have licked my physical and mental wounds allowing me to be stronger.

I prepared for my return to military training in May of 2016, however three days before leaving I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It was a bit of a blow but at least I finally found out what was medically wrong. I still have a goal to making it to the CrossFit Games, and running as a pacer during my husband’s ultra marathons but those time lines are now more open ended rather than the previous hard fast five year goal. I will be using different strategies in order to be successful as I still intend to succeed. This is my journey…………

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