Whole30 complete

The 30 days are done.  So what did I learn from this experience?  Well, I know I am not perfect, and I still like my chocolate.  I also learned that this eating lifestyle works.  I found I became more stable all around during the 30 days.  My moods were better because I was not feeling the sugar highs and lows.  I felt physically and mentally healthier, and I was happier for it.  The Whole30 was not hard, however, at times it was not easy.  Easy is going to McDonalds and stuffing my face with a burger, or going to Wendy’s and having a yummy Frosty.  Mmmmm Frosties. Though both of those would have been soooo good neither happened.  Because of those temptations, that’s why at times it was not easy. However, what I did catch myself doing was wanting to fall into my old habit when I fill up for gas. Normally I would buy a small can of plain Pringles and a small bag of gummy Hot Lips and double fist those while driving home.  Yes, you can drive while shoving your face full of junk food with both hands. But again, I caught myself…..just barely.  So, was I perfect on this endeavour? Hell no, far from it.  I found I needed and craved more protein because I was lifting again.  Was this allowed? No, because I had it in the form of protein drinks.  On the upside, I was very particular on those supplement drinks.  I never realized how much sugary crap is in everything we buy.  However, I found one protein drink that has no flavor at all.  This was great because it could be added to anything without ruining the taste of the fruit and veg in the homemade smoothie. I also nibbled on seeds and nuts a little more than I should have; those little tidbits of awesomeness are packed with calories (nasty if you are trying to lose weight).  Again, my biggest goal was to cut the crap, which I did, and to see if my health would improve, which it did.  So at the end of the day I am happy.

Things I took away from this.

  • I don’t want to call the Whole30 a diet because it’s not, it’s a lifestyle.
  • I knew what my weaknesses were and the 30 days zeroed in on them. Something I am now working on to improve.
  • I am not perfect and don’t intend to be as this is a life long journey.
  • I feel better, and as long as I keep doing this regime, I hope to keep my fibromyalgia at bay (the whole reason for doing the Whole 30)
  • I found I don’t need bread, don’t crave it and don’t want it. Same goes for all grains. Yup, I was surprised.
  • I still like milk, however, in lower amounts – no desire for cream. Sorry, Tim’s – the cream is what makes your coffee so great. (at some point it will be completely cut out of my diet)
  • My body is changing, and I have more energy (even with my new found limitations)
  • I have not bloated. What an awesome feeling.
  • Finally, I am still liking the Paleo mentality. Nothing better than eating real and clean.

When people asked me what I was doing, I didn’t go into much detail.  I learned it was too hard to explain the plan in a short period.  One hundred percent of the time they would ask “What do you get to eat if you are cutting out everything”?” I didn’t know how to answer that question properly; I find I am eating more flavourful food and willing to look for new ideas. I finally resorted to telling those who asked just to go out and buy the book and most, if not all of their questions would be answered.

I also found out that if people aren’t’ ready, then they won’t commit. You can show them, guide them even do the plan with them, but if it is not their time, it’s not their time, and it is something that has to be accepted.  Me, it was getting my diagnosis that kicked me in the pants.  Others have their reasoning, and one has to remember that it is their journey, not ours.

For the next while, I will carry on with my Paleo, continue to eat healthily and pick up the tempo on training.  We will then see where that takes me.

Oh, for those who are curious.  I lost 4 lbs and lost inches around my waist and thighs and gained some inches in my arms.  My flabby pelican arms are getting less flabby. Just how I wanted it.

Until next time.


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