Bitter Sweet

It has been a while since I have blogged.  I had put my fitness goals aside so I felt there was nothing to write about.

I am again moving forward with my fitness goals, however with limitations. This time a month ago I was lucky to to see a rheumatologist.  The diagnosis was fibromyalgia.  This is where the bitter sweet part comes in. After more than 2 years of feeling crappy, being in constant pain, packing on the weight and being tired all of the time, I finally found out the cause. That was the sweetness. The bitter part of the equation is this ailment is not going away.  I now have to change my trade and rethink how I do things in my life.

Where do my fitness goals now fit? Am I going to still try to achieve them? In a word “yes”.  It will take a lot more planning and more time, but I will get there.  I still have dreams of making it to the CrossFit Games, and being a pacer for my husband during one of his ultra marathons.

Since I hate drugs, I am approaching everything more holistically. My first step is to start eating for health.  I had heard about the #Whole30. As you know from previous posts I am an advocate for Paleo (when I am disciplined). I am excited the Whole30 is too.  July 1, will be my first day on the Whole30. I am choosing to become my own human experiment. I want to see if this method of eating will help suppress the fibromyalgia and give me more energy. Once that portion of the equation is sorted out the next part of the goal will to start implementing a new training plan.

We will see how it goes.



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